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Find Horse Properties, Equestrian Estates, Ranches, Horse Farms and Other Real Estate Zoned For Horses For Sale in our Classifieds

Our horse properties include residential homes with acreage, farms, ranches, commercial horse facilities and other property zoned for horses. Some properties offer lease options and terms and creative financing.

Your search has lead you to a specific horse property, horse farm, or equestrian estate that is no longer available.

Our horse properties change daily.

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New Jersey (NJ) Equestrian Farms
New Mexico (NM) Homes with Acreage
New York (NY) Homes with Land
North Carolina (NC) Homes with Equestrian Facilities
North Dakota (ND) Homes with Horse Facilities
Ohio (OH) Horse Farms
Oklahoma (OK) Properties with Barns
Oregon (OR) Horse Ranches
Pennsylvania (PA) Horse Farms and Acreage
Rhode Island (RI) Land and Homes For Horses
South Carolina (SC) Equestrian Properties
South Dakota (SD) Homes with Horse Facilities
Tennessee (TN) Horse Farms and Homes
Texas (TX) Ranches, Homes and Acreage
Utah (UT) Ranches, Farms, Homes
Vermont (VT) Homes with Horse Amenities
Virginia (VA) Equestrian Properties and Homes
Washington (WA) Farms, Ranches, Acreage, Home
Washington, D.C. Residential Homes Zoned For Horses
West Virginia (WV) Equestrian Property
Wisconsin (WI) Farms and Homes Allowing Horsekeepping
Wyoming (WY) Ranches and Homes allowing Horses
OTHER - Canada, Ireland, etc.
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Virtual Horses provides resources for both real estate agents and horse owners looking to buy or sell equestrian property, that is, properties where horses are permitted.

Whether you are looking to buy your first country home, or commercial training facility, our horse property classifieds will save you a lot of driving time.

Maybe you have a horse or pony you have been boarding at a stable, now is the time to look for place of your own where you can own a whole herd of horses. You've come to the right place -- VIRTUAL HORSES is a great place to find equestrian real estate for sale across the nation.

Our selection of horse properties and equestrian homes continues to change and expand. Equestrian real estate can be found all over the country. New horse farms, acreage, equestrian facilities and other equine realty are continually being added.  Our listings change daily. Bookmark us (Control + D) and come back to view new ads.  We want to help you buy or sell a property that is suitable for horse keeping.

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