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Horse Toilet Paper Holder
They WILL remember your house.

Horse Toilet Paper Holder

A Fresh Approach to Selling Horse Property

The selling of lots, land, acreage, and horse farms has always been more difficult than selling residential real estate.  These parcels appeal to a smaller segment of the buying public, and must be marketed as such.  Although selling ranches, rural and agricultural tracts should be no different than selling regular dwellings, the presence of equines on the premises can slow your sales efforts to a crawl.  Equestrian realty doesn't have to be complicated.  Sure, you can put it in MLS and wait, as the property will eventually sell.  Or you can wait just long enough for the seller to lose faith in you and go to another real estate agent.  That's why your audience, the buyers, must be targeted.

Equestrians, whether they are barrel racers, trail riders, dressage riders or anywhere in between, have their own surroundings -- the horse community.  The horse industry is a multi-billion dollar market in its own right. Horse properties encompass a large segment of that market.

VIRTUAL HORSES specializes in targeting, marketing and blending those two segments together.  Here your equestrian estates, ranches, farms, homes, acreage and land suitable for horses will be noticed by people who own horses, or want to own horses.

The horse community has one of the fastest telegraphs for spreading the word on anything horses.  Real estate agents have been listing their properties with us since 1997.  Many have sold their farm properties and horse facilities directly from their classified ad at VIRTUALHORSES.COM and have acquired new buyers in the process.

Whether you are a Realtor, Broker, real estate agent, or For Sale by Owner, we invite you to focus the sale of your property through the equestrian community at VIRTUAL HORSE PROPERTY CLASSIFIEDS.

Below are some unique equestrian marketing suggestions. 

Realtors and Sellers -- Outside of the usual paint, re-carpet, remove all the trash, replace fixtures, fix-up the house, barn, tack room, property and pastures and then keep it neat and clean.  Have the advantage over other equestrian homes in your area.    Keep your horses bathed, clipped, and fly free.  (Sickly looking equines will create a bad impression of the entire property).

"Horsify" your property by
          Adding to your equestrian homes street appeal and first impressions
It's the little things that make the big difference.

Unique Horse Weathervanes
Equestrian Mailboxes

Equestrian Home Welcome Signs and Plaques
Door Bells
Door Knockers
Door Mats

Welcome Signs

Add to your equestrian decor -- something for very budget --
Accessories, Rugs, Clocks, Bed Linens, Lamps, Towels, Toilet Paper Holder, Kitchen, Frig Magnets, Wall Decor, Furniture, Magazines, Books, Tiles, Wallpaper, Coasters, Light Switches, Wind chimes

Keep them clean!  Add posters, weathervanes, wind chimes, flags, signs

Show an interest in your buyer's or seller's life style and love for horses. 
Folders, Checks, Coffee Cups, Mugs, Calendar, Note Pads, Desk Accessories and always carry a pack of fresh carrots in your car (always ask if it's OK to feed the carrots first!)

Equestrian Realtor Desk and Business Accessories
Folders with hor
Checks with hor

Animal Lovers Gift Shop

Horse Mouse Pad
Animal Den
Horse Mouse Pads - Choose from different breeds

Horse Gifts & Collectibles 
Decor for your office or home; gifts for your clients








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