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Rancho Irada encompasses an area of 17,920 m2 { 189,203 sq.ft. }. The property is totally enclosed by high walls and can be accessed from two separate entrances, one private and one public.  The property has municipal water and a well which is used to water the landscaping. At present, this unique property consists of the following:

#1 - Beautiful Ranch House -- 2 story--2 1/2 baths - office --d en and computer room. Top quality workmanship, extensive closet area and extra large master bath with two showers and a Jacuzzi. The construction under roof is 351 m2 { 3,776 sq.ft. } and the lot is approximately 800 m2 { 8,608 sq.ft. } with a large covered patio and beautiful landscaping.  A Peacock Aviary is adjacent to the house.

#2 -  Equestrian Buildings - Regulation size Rodeo Ring or Lienzo Charro Regulamentario 250 seat covered spectator grandstand
 Bar-kitchen-bandstand-large social area 
Training devices 
The buildings and corals cover a land area of 9,385 m2 { 9,477 sq. ft.}

#3 -  Farmland - 7,399 m2 { 7,961 sq.ft. }

#4 -  Gatekeepers House - 2 bedroom- I bath next to the main entrance

Less than five minutes away on horseback is beautiful Lake Chapala.
 The northern shore has approximately one kilometer by thirty kilometers of Federal grazing land that is available for open range riding,

Property was used by the owner to board his own horses and those of friends.   Lienzo Regulamentarios were held a few times a year.   A full time horse trainer is available and plenty of stable help.

This Property can be Developed as an Equestrian Club.

#1 - The farmland can be developed into 14 building lots ranging in size from 300 m2 {3,228 sq.ft. ) to 600 m2 ( 6,456 sq.ft. )

#2 - The bull pens and chute area can remain for hosting Rodeos or Lienzo Charro s, or if removed, the land can be developed into 6 more large building lots.

#3 - The Rodeo Ring would be used to train and exercise horses and the Federal land used for open range riding,

The price for this entire property is only:
$799,900 US Dollars

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Horse Property for sale in Mexico
Mexico - Horse Property for Sale

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